Fiberglass Mold Release – PVA Pros and Cons

I have received many questions from those who purchased my manual set regarding mold releases. Especially when preparing the plug. The bulk of the questions seem to come from the use of PVA as a mold release.

Let me start by saying that I like and prefer to use PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) mold release at all stages of my projects – both to release the plug and my parts. I like the security it provides. I have never had a part or a plug get stuck in mold when I have used PVA.

The problem that some people have with PVA is the orange peel appearance that is left on the inner surface of the mold after you have separated the plug from the mold. More often than not this orange peel is visible but can’t be detected by touch. Unfortunately, sometimes the orange peel appearance can transfer to the parts that you will make with your mold.

For me, this orange peel appearance has never been a problem because of the type of projects that I like to build. If you are planning on painting your finished pieces, as I do, the orange peel look of the gelcoat is of no concern. You will be at the least priming and painting the parts so you will never see the gelcoat. Even with R/C boat hulls that I have made I always plan on painting them for the final finish.

If you want to produce finished parts that have that glowing perfect gelcoat surface you will need to take a different approach with the plug. You will have to rely on mold release wax alone to allow for the separation of the plug from the mold. With this approach, you will want to follow the waxing procedures outlined in my manual. Use great care with applying and polishing the plug.

Another consideration with an approach that doesn’t involve the use of PVA is that more than likely you will damage (if not destroy) your plug when you de-mold. This is another reason why I like using PVA – I work hard on the plugs that I build and I like to save them.

I hope that this helps with your PVA questions

1/10 Scale Radio Controlled Fiberglass Mach 5

1/10 Scale Radio Controlled Fiberglass Mach 5

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