Fiberglass Mold Project Continues

Once again work has gotten in the way of my fiberglass molding project.

In my last post I had described how I had finally sorted out the underside of the hull of my 11 meter rhib. I want to move this project forward and I think I have the right plan to do so. I have spent so much time getting the hull of this boat right that I am afraid to do anything that might generate more work on this portion of my build …

While the hull itself is made from durable fiberglass and bondo, the strakes are wood and simply adhered to the hull with epoxy. My fear is that during the building of the top of the hull (which I want to do right on top of the bottom of the hull) that I will mare the finish of the bottom half or even worse (like wipe the strakes from the bottom of the hull.

In order to avoid creating extra work for myself, I decided that I am going to go ahead and do the mold of the lower portion of the hull now and then build the top half of the hull on the lower half as it rests inside its mold. This way the lower half of the hull will be protected from the pounding, sanding, resins drips, and other damaging incidents (including my clumsiness).

Building the top half of the hull on top of the bottom half while it rests in the mold will make a nice platform for construction as well as make for a nice base to build the top half of the mold upon once the top of the hull is complete.

At this point I will mount the bottom of my hull to a parting plane and prepare it for the molding process.

Happy Glassing


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