Fiberglass Mold Construction Part 9

I let this mold cure on the plug for almost a week before demolding. This mold popped off its parting board with little effort. Likewise, the mold separated from the plugs with ease. The process for removing the mold from the plug is simple. I use a half dozed small plastic putty knives that I insert between the mold and the parting plane.

Once I have one putty knife between the mold and the parting plane, I simply insert another putty knife at the edge of the separation that occurred as a result of the first knife. This is repeated time and time again as I work my way around the perimeter of the mold. Once you get started, this is an easy process.

At this point the mold is inspected for any flaws, repaired and then prepped for its first part pulls.

Making parts with this mold is very similar to making the mold itself. I begin by applying five coats of mold release wax to the inside of the mold. Once the mold is waxed, I can apply a coat of PVA to the inside of the mold with my spray gun. After the PVA dries, I can do my first parts lay-up. This is part that I really enjoy – I am very close to seeing the results of my efforts and planning.

Happy Glassing


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